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Format Collective is a group of artists, writers, musicians and party technicians based around the Format Zine Shop in Adelaide’s CBD. Established in 2008, we’re responsible for the annual Format Festival, critically-acclaimed visual art and contemporary music programmes, a recording studio, independent media shop and random acts of public art.

So far we’ve worked on projects with the Australia Council, the Adelaide Festival, SALA, Adelaide Fringe, The Adelaide Festival of Ideas, Jam Factory, Adelaide City Council, Arts SA, Laneway Festival and Donny Benet.

Our demands are four-fold:

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Format Collective Inc.
PO BOX 8119
Station Arcade
South Australia 5000

Come past our Peel Street lair and disturb one of the following powerful thought wizards:

Simon Gray | zine shop manager

Olivia Kathigitis | gallery director

Alex Gordon-Smith | creative director

Pat Lockwood | live music co-ordinator

Stan Mahoney | general manager

PLEASE NOTE: Unless you are extremely wealthy, we do not hire the venue out for birthdays or events that require a liquor license.

Format Collective would also like to acknowledge the help of

Ianto Ware, Chloe Langford, Sam Rodgers, Josh Fanning, Simon Loffler, Steven Pickles, Brigid Noone, Joel Catchlove, Miki and Paul Gallasch, Daniel Gladys, Andrew Potter, Lara Torr, Katherine Botten, Glen Douglas, Kate Power, Colin Howcroft, Nat Enright, Steph Lyall, Matea Gluscevic, Jennifer Greer Holmes, Nigel Koop, Hannah Smith, Nick Moss, Christopher Arblaster, Joel Parsons, Sam Howie, Kate Gagliardi, Alice Dolling, Timothy Tuppence, Tom Pascale, Stuart Johnson, Steph Walker, Steph Crase, Matthew Hayward, Tannon Kew, Courtney Guy, Meg Wilson, Meg Lloyd, Stacey Wilson, Amira H, Lily Jacobs, Lou Vojvodic, Dana Ashford, Will McRostie, Tim Horton, Maz Holdinghausen, Alexis Buxton-Collins, Ryan Page, Connor O’Brien, Karl Melvin, Joe Hay, Councillor Stephen Yarwood, ALL THE BANDS AND ARTISTS and everyone else who has supported us from the beginning.

Format logo designed by Matt Walker