I’m on Stan’s laptop, he is Windex-ing things. We have been listening to NO ZU’s song ‘Emotion’ on repeat for the past how-ever-long-nine-times-in-a-row is. Here’s the link: http://nozu.bandcamp.com/track/emotion. It’s good for grooving your shoulders and at the same time releasing pent up muscular stress. Almost all of their music is loosely an urban tribal mating call, of types. The song ‘Fa Format Fi’ has this line, “Luxury & prestige/ Fantasy & mystique/ Chandeliers & parties/ Fake tan, faux company” which was written about the Fifth Annual Format Festival Closing Night Party 2012. Cos Fake Tan is playing with them… yep. Anyway, we are all psyched for Saturday’s Closing Night Party and also for closing this paragraph with a huge shout-out to NO ZU’s album art.