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Format Acquires Commercial Fridge, is Driven Out of Peel Street by Means of Class Warfare

Format Collective Inc. is proud to announce that Managing Director Stan Mahoney has been approved for up to $25,000 credit for the rent-to-own purchase of a commercial fridge.

The fridge – a used Skope glass door upright with bottom-mounted motor – comes in at well below the $25,000 credit limit, leaving a great deal of opportunity for future white good purchases.

Format’s previous fridge – a large double door Skope acquired from Gumtree for $600 plus delivery – met its end last month due to a mishap involving one of Format’s new Directors, a steak knife and the unplanned release of a large quantity of freon. In the meantime, the Collective have been using a system involving two household fridges and a third cabinet fridge, donated by Friday zine shop volunteer Matt Holdinghousen.

“It’s a precarious system,” says Mahoney. “Everyone had to have a crash course in thermodynamics. Until recently, a lot of our staff and volunteers had no idea about specific heat capacity, or even basic heat transfer. The new fridge couldn’t arrive sooner – we’ll be able to load it to the brim with beer and Club Mate and cream soda and it’ll cool in a couple hours. Plus we won’t have to restock every day, or desperately pack things into the freezer mid-show. It should give us back a little more time to concentrate on whatever it is that we do.”

It is hoped that the fridge – delivered courtesy of the Queensland-based Silver Chef distributor of new and used catering equipment – will arrive in time for a series of shows marking the end of the Collective’s four year tenancy in the rapidly gentrifying Peel Street precinct. “We’re not bitter,” says Pat Lockwood, Format’s Live Music Coordinator. “Peel Street has a lot of potential – it’s just a shame that what we do doesn’t fit into the new landlord’s grand vision. Still, we’ll find a new place soon enough, and it’s a great excuse for us to throw a massive party at the end of March. If the new fridge is as powerful as Stan claims then there’ll be plenty of nice cold beers at the farewell show.”

Format’s final program of events on Peel Street starts with an Opening Night Party, 8pm Monday March 4.

Format Always Wins: The Peel Street Farewell Symposium is slated for Easter Weekend, March 30 & 31
Acts include Terrible Truths (Melb), Black Vanilla (Syd), Swimming, Mountain Blood, Wild Oats, Big Richard Insect and many more to be confirmed.