So, hey, we partied for another year. You’re welcome. You may or may not know that Format is currently looking for new headquarters. Or maybe not. Probably, but who’s to say. Well that’s the thing isn’t it? Is this a decision we’ve made, or a forced hand, at the mercy of laneway gentrification? Does it even matter? What does matter is between now and whenever we wander off we’re open for the best of times, the blurst of times. Oh hey, did we mention we now sell Club Mate, the German hipster iced tea du jour? For real, don’t fuck around with this stuff, it has enough caffeine to keep a small child awake for six days. The trick is to tether them to a complicated cog system that eventually focuses the energy on keeping the fairy lights blinking.


But the real news is we’re still doing, and by doing we mean come down and sit on a rickety couch and participate in some actual hybrid-arts post-liesure cultural foment.

The first show of 2013 is WOLFPANTHER! presents, although without Wolfpanther being in all caps and minus the exclamation mark, I added that, and I’m sticking with it. That kicks off at 8PM the 3rd of January, which coincidentally is the first day that the zine shop will open after the holiday period. That’s right DON’T GO TO THE SHOP UNTIL THEN IDIOT.

Hot on the pulled-up sock-clad heels of Wolfpanther will be the Katherine Coppock curated ‘Feathers’ exhibiton, featuring a host of up-and-coming young artists. It will run between the 9th of January to the 10th of February, and might possibly maybe be one of the last exhibitions at the Peel St incarnation of Format, maybe.

Then there’s some ultra secret shit happening on a day sometime between then and January the 24th when we will be hosting WOODS (NY) supported by our good friends Summerflake, Wild Oats and Big Richard Insect. Woods are from fucking Brooklyn. Hands up who else is from fucking Brooklyn? That’s what we thought. January 24th, pre sales from the Zine Shop from January 3rd.

Enjoy your Holiday gorging. Don’t go to East Taste, it’s fucking closed until the 7th, I know right. More info on upcoming stuffs on the Events page. Go forth and vibrate.