For good or ill, Format does things that wind up in what is commonly known as “The News”. Here is a selection of newsworthy news items.


Five Thousand – A Format Mixtape

Triple J: Home & Hosed – The 5 best New Adelaide Acts (featuring Wild Oats and Swimming of Format Records)

The Range//Radio Adelaide – Format Always Wins

Local Noise//Radio Adelaide – Format Always Wins

Five Thousand – A Peel Street Retrospective

Tammy Franks MLC – Matter of Interest

Vice Magazine – Format Got Kicked Out of its Weird Little Nerd Hole

Mess & Noise – Party to Survive: Format Closes it’s Doors

Kill Your Darlings – Twist & Shout: Adelaide’s Fight for Artist Run Spaces

The ADELAIDE Review – Format Closes its Peel Street Doors

Rip It Up – Format Always Wins

Glam Adelaide – Format Closing Down on Peel Street


The Adelaide Collective - Do What You Peel-Format 2012

Breakfast//Radio Adelaide – Forget Hipster, Imma Zine-ster

The Adelaide Collective – Format is Coming to Town

Mess & Noise – In-Frequencies #11 (featuring reviews on Bands recorded either at Format or by Format Sound Engineer Pat Lockwood)


Noisey//Vice Magazine – Super Wild Horses

Breakfast//Radio Adelaide – Festival of Unpopular Culture

The ADELAIDE Review – Festival of Unpopular Culture