Format Press is the publishing arm of the Format Collective, an artist run production house based in Adelaide, South Australia. Format Press was founded in 2009 with the goal of producing quality publications written and designed by people outside the mainstream publishing industry.

The Complete Home for the Def
& Other Stories
Stan Mahoney
, 2010
Price: $10 (Aust)
Postage: $3 in Australia, $5 international

Faux Gangsta Rap. Ambient Death Metal. Messianic alien conspiracies. Albums composed by séance. Albums composed entirely out of fart noises. Stan Mahoney discovers all of this and more as he ventures into the strange and unsettling world of Nigel Koop, also known as Home for the Def.

Elegantly bound and printed on high-quality stock, this limited first-edition print also features a collection of articles, essays and short fiction by one of Adelaide’s most original emerging writers.

Cover image is a high resolution scan of a menstrual blood stain, courtesy of the author and Adelaide performance and video artist amira.h. COLLECTIBLE MUCH?

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21 Nights In July:
The Physics and Metaphysics of Cycling
Ianto Ware, 2009

Price: $12 (Aust)
Postage: $3 in Australia, $5 international
For wholesale (orders over 5 copies) please get in contact.

Ostensibly a book about how amazing cycling is, 21 Nights In July is one nerd’s attempt to counteract the psychological damage of the modern age by riding all day and staying up late watching the Tour de France. Covering everything from urban planning, Queer theory, masculine privilege, the mythology of sport, obscure European bike punk bands, Roland Barthes, gear ratio choices and how to crash and land on your face, 21 Nights in July is the thinking cyclist’s critique of everything that sucks about the post-industrial world, and everything amazing about riding bikes.


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