So hey, Format is set to leave its Peel St residency at the end of March. We’ve had some good times on that street over the last three – four years, including throwing what was possibly the biggest street party ever to vibrate those useless goddamn bollards. But y’know, gentrification right. The search for the next Format is all but over, keep your ears peeled for info soon.


“Don’t jump! We’ll find a new place soon!”

First things first though, March.

Currently in the gallery we have Fantastical/Functional, curated by Format’s new gallery director Olivia Kathigitis, featuring the work of Liam Fleming and Jared Pruis. It’s a whole bunch of interestingly shaped glass and China-meets-England ceramics, and they’re swell guys too.

From the fourth of March (shit, that’s like next week), we’ve got a Fringe comedy triple bill. Bart Freebairn’s “The Age of Wonder”. Freebairn’s second appearance in the basement involves a small, intimate audience and AN ACTUAL PILLOW FORT. You need more pillow forts in your life, admit it. Wolf Creek: The Musical we guess is pretty self explanatory. Karl Wooberry’s “How shit is shit!” A 50-minute treatise on the philosophy and metaphysics of “shitness”. Tasteful, urbane, steeped in intellectual rigour. Follow the links on our “Events” page for tickets. Find the facebook thing here.

There are to be two more exhibitions in March, but no one tells me anything because they hate me. Ya’ll will probably be in the loop before I am.

Let me tell you, the People, that plans have been in motion to bring you the End of Days Party that you no doubt expect. But great expectations can lead to great disappointment,  like that horrible movie with that guy that used to be married to Uma Thurman, and the woman I used to confuse with Uma Thurman who has a child named after a fruit. No, it’s going to be good though. This time there might just be chicken nuggets. Buy all the white wine would you.

Coming Soon: the FORMAT ALWAYS WINS: THE PEEL STREET FAREWELL SYMPOSIUM (working title). Details, details… just bring party shirts and lots of money.

-Format belongs to The People and The People belong to The Land and The Land will always win-